The Omo Valley

Situated in the Great Rift Valley, the Omo Valley is a tribal wonderland of epic proportions for a glimpse into one of the most diverse tribal communities in the world. Home to the Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Dassanech, Dorze, Hamer, Kara, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay and Turkana tribes, a journey to the Omo Valley presents an opportunity to interact and learn about some of the last native cultures on earth. While a journey here may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is no doubt a surreal and humbling experience. 

Why The Omo Valley?


A journey into the Omo Valley offers an incredible insight into the unique tribal culture of Ethiopia, presenting some of the most ethnically-diverse cultures, customs and ceremonial events in one of the most isolated and remote areas of Ethiopia. Intrepid travelers embarking on a sojourn to the Omo Valley will be inspired through close interactions with assistance from local guides who understands the differences in customs and provide the key link in compelling story-telling and bridging worlds. 


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