Where Giants Roam

Few destinations in the world rival Tanzania in wildlife spectacles, vast plains and savannah, dramatic landscapes, fascinating culture of the Maasai warriors and the magical beaches along the shimmering Indian Ocean. No journey to Africa is complete without witnessing the "Greatest Show on Earth" - the annual Wildebeest Migration where stories unfold on a daily basis in the game of survival. Fasten your seat belts and brace the action!



Tanzania's Great Wildebeest Migration Safari is perhaps the most incredible and inspiring story of survival on Planet Earth where the full essence of life is documented, where each decision affects another. There are no other events on earth that invites more participants


Jan to Feb is the calving season of young mammals which represents a period of vulnerability with predators lurking closely. June to October is the peak migration season when the herds move north to the Masai Mara and beyond in search of greens and once the crossing is made, the courtship and right to mate begins!

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