South Luangwa National Park

As authentic as it can get, South Luangwa National Park is a throwback to the classic safari. Spanning over 9,000 square kilometres of the Luangwa Valley floor at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley, the unique and dramatic landscapes not only offer visual wonder but also key in the evolution of wildlife that has adapted to the environments. The presence of rich water sources also attracts a rich diversity of wildlife to call the South Luangwa National Park home, offering one of the most raw safari experiences away from the crowds. 

Why South Luangwa National Park?

Wildlife Highlights

Home to four of the Big Five, South Luangwa National Park is blessed with an abundance of wildlife with one of the largest pods of hippos in Africa and a huge herd of elephant population. It's location at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley also created an evolution of adapted species most notably the Thornicroft's Giraffe, shorter and with unique coat markings. Lion prides and population of leopards are healthy with the large presence of prey that are drawn to the rich sources of water and vegetation where this is the preferred area for calving. 

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