Skeleton Coast

The hostile waves and currents of the Atlantic Ocean has shaped a landscape that is seemingly devoid of life, contributing to a large number of shipwrecks and beached whales scattering skeletons both natural and man-made along its entire 300 miles length in a landscape that has been unaltered for millions of years. Here, only the strongest and most adaptable are able to thrive where thanks to the harsh climate and conditions, wildlife meet in the strangest of encounters (think about lions and hyenas hunting seals) and human habitation are limited to only the nomadic Himba tribe. The unworldly landscape that is the Skeleton Coast is truly a hit to the senses. 

Why Skeleton Coast?

Wildlife Highlights

Far away in the remote northwest of Namibia, the battered coastline of the eerily-named Skeleton Coast presents some of the harshest desert environment known on earth, yet is home to perhaps the strongest-willed wildlife in the world that has fully-adapted to the environments with an abundance of seal colonies on the Atlantic Coast, hardened mammals inland such as elephants, lions, hyenas, ostrich, giraffe, zebra, oryx and the elusive and endangered black rhino. Though not a first choice wildlife destination, the impeccable remoteness and surreal landscapes offers a fascinating glimpse into the desert-adapted creatures that has learned how to survive. 

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