Gorillas in the Mist

Renowned for its mountain gorillas and more primate species in the rainforests of Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda often gets stereotyped when it offers so much more. The "Land of a Thousand Hills" is blessed with beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes and has come a long way since the 1994 genocide to become a stable country and economy and a greater emphasis on wildlife conservation. 



Tracing the habitats of our closest cousins, Rwanda is primate territory with some of the most astonishing landscapes in the form of the Volcanoes National Park and Akagera National Park. This is a safari journey at the pinnacle of an African wildlife experience. 


Dec to February during the short dry season and June to September for the long dry season offers the most comfortable conditions for gorilla trekking and least malaria risk. However, for chimpanzee trekking, it is the reverse as the chimps do not need to forage deep into the forests. 

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