Ruaha National Park

Wild and untamed, Ruaha National Park's landscape is dotted with baobab studded hills and rocky escarpments. Enjoying far less tourism traffic and human activity with its general inaccessibility meant that wildlife flourish in Tanzania's largest national park in over 20,000 square kilometres of sprawling habitat allowing for a superior game viewing experience. Ruaha's hot and dry climate ensures that wildlife do not stray far from waterholes which adds to the prolific safari exposure. 

Why Ruaha National Park?

Wildlife Highlights

Renowned as a sanctuary for elephants and a preferred breeding ground for buffaloes, Ruaha National Park is one of Tanzania's best kept secrets with its plethora of wildlife. It's mix of dense woodlands and open plains allow for a diversity of wildlife to thrive and big cats of almost all species are kings of these land including the cheetah which sees one of the largest population in all Africa. 

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