Okavango Delta

There is nothing quite like the Okavango Delta anywhere on the planet, a unique and pulsating wetland spanning over 15,000 square kilometres fed by the Okavango River from the Angolan highlands, across Namibia's Caprivi strip and into finally into the harsh arid Kalahari desert without ever flowing into the sea. The seasonal flooding and drying changes the dynamics greatly telling a great tale of the story of survival that could rival the Great Migration in East Africa anytime. 

Why the Okavango Delta?

Wildlife Highlights

Seasonal floodplains and lagoons to the north, dry grasslands and mopane forest and palm-fringed islands to the south, the Okavango Delta offers diverse ecosystems for wildlife to thrive and for the discerning safari traveler, a chance to witness contrasting lands with a wide range of safaris, both land and water-based. A safari here in the delta deserves an immersive experience to fully comprehend the abundance of wildlife in Africa's last eden. 

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