Murchison Falls National Park

Few places in the world are able to boast of being home to 4 of the Big 5, a natural chimpanzee sanctuary and one of the most incredible waterfalls in Africa that is part of the Nile River. These accolades all belong to the Murchison Falls National Park, in the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley and have wowed luminaries such as Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt with its incredible natural wonders that are a treat for the senses. Uganda's largest and oldest national park offers a compelling experience that strings together a wholesome safari experience that ticks all the boxes for probably one of the most memorable. 

Why Murchison Falls National Park?

Wildlife Highlights

Renowned for its scenic natural beauty, Murchison Falls National Park is also home to a wide diversity of wildlife boasting a healthy population of elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hyenas, Nile crocodiles, hippos, giraffes and various species of antelopes while the chimpanzees can be tracked in the neighboring Budongo Forest. 

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