Gateway to the Avenue of the Baobabs and the Kirindy Reserve, Morondava's sleepy coastal town demeanor, fishing lifestyle and centre of rituals has been awoken, driven by tourism and holidaymakers wanting a piece of some of the most photographic destination in Madagascar and then some vitamin sea, fresh seafood and watersports. While the Avenue of the Baobabs remains the most sought-after attraction, the nearby Kirindy Reserve and forest is home to some of the most diverse wildlife in Madagascar home to 8 lemur species, the predatory fossa and a large number of reptiles, birds and insects. 

Why Morondava?


Some may argue the distance needed to travel to Morondava (especially by road) just to witness the Avenue of the Baobabs but in our arrangements (thankfully), you don't need to travel long distances. Nevertheless, Morondava is not just gateway to the surreal baobab trees but also offers a rich wildlife experience to the Kirindy Reserve while serving as a much-needed mid-journey break between the Tsingy de Bemaraha and Isalo National Park on the southern circuit. 


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