The Warm Heart of Africa

Thanks to David Livingstone who gave Malawi the moniker - "The Warm Heart of Africa" for this is never in doubt of the legendary friendly demeanor of the people of Malawi where it is also blessed with a unique landscape dominated by Africa's third-largest lake, Lake Malawi formed by the Great Rift Valley, dramatic peaks of Mount Mulanje, the inspiring Zomba Plateau and the otherworldly Nyika National Park. Malawi is more than just a supplementary destination. Its national parks, great geographical location and abundance of wildlife provide it with ample opportunities for discovery rather than just an afterthought. After all, warm hearts always attracts!


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Definitely not on most travelers' list for a trip to Africa but Malawi offers a lot combining a rich wildlife population and some of the most incredible works of nature formed by the Great Rift Valley. The destination is well combined with neighboring Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. 


The dry winter months from May to October offers a lovely time to visit Malawi's national parks despite the chilly weather high up the Nyika Plateau. The UNESCO-listed Lake Malawi however, offers a mild winter with comfortable temperature 

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