Majete Wildlife Reserve & Shire Highlands

Nestled in the Shire Valley and along the Great Rift Valley lies the Majete Wildlife Reserve, a celebrated success story of wildlife conservation which has seen immense effort of wildlife reintroduction of endangered species has turn the park into an incredible Big Five park blessed with outstanding landscapes of miombo woodlands and granite-topped hills that contrast with picturesque river valleys and lush riverine forest. Over to the Shire Highlands lies the revered tea plantations of Southern Malawi, a major economic driver of the country producing some of the most sought-after black teas in the world. 

Why Majete Wildlife Reserve & Shire Highlands?

Wildlife Highlights

Over just 15 years, Majete Wildlife Reserve has transformed from a once-empty forest with no employment or tourism and only a few remaining antelope within its perimeter, to a productive and flourishing haven for Africa's most iconic wildlife, home to the Big Five  Decades of lawlessness and poaching had seen the reserve’s wildlife completely eradicated by the 1990s. This all changed in 2003, when African Parks assumed management of Majete. Black rhinos were brought back in 2003; elephants followed in 2006; lions in 2012, as well as a host of other wildlife making this budding reserve Malawi’s only Big Five destination with now more than 12,200 animals thriving within its perimeter. Majete is a tale of a park rising from the ashes – living proof of how a park deemed to be a wasteland can be revived and restored and serve as a life-source for wildlife and humans alike. 

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Majete Wildlife Reserve & Shire Highlands

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