Madikwe Game Reserve

State-owned and exclusively-private, the Madikwe Game Reserve provides an intimate safari experience for the discerning traveler to South Africa. Home to the Big Five and with relatively-lesser developments, the 5th-largest reserve in South Africa enjoys a highly-sustainable fenced-off approach delivering on a high quality, low impact model to reduce tourism traffic and harm to wildlife and the environment. The malaria-free reserve also provides a potent safari combination with Botswana due to its location. 

Why Madikwe Game Reserve?

Wildlife Highlights

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the Big Five. Spanning over 75,000 hectares, the rich diversity of vegetation ensures a wide range of game and a pristine environment for wildlife to thrive. Besides the Big Five, species found in the reserve includes the rare aardwolf, the largest packs of African wild dogs in South Africa, the elusive cheetah, giraffe, impala, pangolin, hippo, kudu, gemsbok, zebra and more. 

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