Land of the Lemurs

No, not the animation series shown in theaters around the world.  This is Madagascar the real deal and you will surely move it move it for the world's fourth-largest island is an ecology haven. Over 80 percent of its flora and fauna are endemic from lumbering goggle-eyed chameleons to its most famous residents, the lemurs. With its location in the center of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar thrills with its spectacular coastlines and pristine beaches, fascinating marine life and seafaring culture as well. Like the animated series, a guaranteed box office hit!



Often referred to as the "Galapagos of Africa", Madagascar has its own endemic wildlife and biodiversity unlike any other destinations in the world, adding to that a landscape that ranges from limestone pinnacles, volcanoes, beautiful beaches to semi-arid deserts. There is no reason why Madagascar should not feature prominently on any traveler's list. 


May to October is the dry season, avoiding the rainy season and cyclones from December to late March, thus offering the perfect opportunity to hike on its magnificent landscapes or to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beach. July to September sees a large congregation of humpback whales and October is the birthing season of baby lemurs. 

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