Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Neighboring the Laikipia Plateau and set against the imposing backdrop of Mount Kenya, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a success story of human endeavors in the conservation of northern Kenya's black rhino population. Spanning over 62,000 acres, it has successfully balanced the human use and protection of natural resources, both in wildlife and wilderness that it has been included into the boundaries of Mount Kenya and designated a UNESCO World Heritage site status. 

Why Lewa Wildlife Conservancy?

Wildlife Highlights

Home to all the Big Five, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is renowned for its abundance of both the black and white rhinos as well as the world's largest single population of Grevy's zebra. Covering just about 251 square kilometres, the conservancy has provided an extremely high security level to protect endangered wildlife species thus contributing to the thriving numbers and offering an exceptional game viewing experience. 

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