Dubbed the "New Jerusalem" of Ethiopia, the 11 UNESCO-listed rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, excavated by King Lalibela in the 12th century and still in active use today, has been dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World”. Hand-carved into the rock flake by painstaking flake, a process that would have required around 40,000 man-years to complete, Lalibela represents the apex of an Ethiopian church-excavating tradition that dates to the arrival of Christianity circa 350 AD. 

Why Lalibela?


A visit to Lalibela offers a surreal experience into one of Africa's earliest Christian influence, presenting an insight into a world of old age rituals and one of the rawest pilgrimage in the world. For photographers, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are simply a setting that allows you to take a step back in time documenting probably the most unique Christian places of worship anywhere in the world.  


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