Lake Malawi

Bordering Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, the UNESCO-listed freshwater Lake Malawi spans over 587km long and 83km wide, easily mistaken as an "inland sea", with its remarkable clear waters and one of the highest concentrations of fish in any lake in the world. The lake's impressive fish population has been a long-time provider for Malawi's economy, with fishing villages scattered along the shorelines. Discovered by Dr David Livingstone just over 150 years ago, the shores now provide long stretches of totally uninhabited golden sand lakeshore, perfect for a fitting finale to a wonderful safari experience. 

Why Lake Malawi?

Wildlife Highlights

Not a primary wildlife and big-game viewing destination, Lake Malawi is more suited as a relaxation and rejuvenation destination. That said, Lake Malawi has one of the largest population of lake fish in the world particularly the cichlids and more than 1,000 other species of fish are found living in the largely-unchanged Lake Malawi for more than 10,000 years. 


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