Laikipia Plateau

Set against the backdrop of Mount Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau spans over 9,500 square kilometres blessed with semi-arid plains, dramatic gorges and acacia-covered hills home to a network of private ranches, wildlife conservancies and farms that provides a conducive environment for a healthy population of wildlife in a remote and secluded setting on the edge of the northern frontier. 

Why the Laikipia Plateau?

Wildlife Highlights

The Laikipia Plateau is home to a number of endangered wildlife, most notably the black rhino and the African wild dog where numbers are thriving healthily as well as a strong herd of elephants which migrate between the slopes of Mount Kenya and the Samburu region. In addition, half of the world's population of Grevy's zebras are found in the Laikipia Plateau as well as strong numbers for the lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, giraffes, wildebeest and various species of antelopes. 

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