Isalo National Park

Along with the Tsingy de Bemaraha, Isalo National Park ranks high up on the list of the most incredible geological landscapes in Africa with a breathtaking range of craggy rocks that were once the riverbed. With its deep canyons crossed by rivers, Isalo National Park, nicknamed "Jurassic Park" stimulates the senses with its layers of erosion, jutting cliffs and a variety of wildlife that has adapted to this harsh landscape. 

Why Isalo National Park?


No journey on a maiden trip to Madagascar will ever be complete without experiencing the magical landscapes of Isalo National Park, with its surreal "Jurassic" landscape rightly compared to Colorado. Hiking is the name of the game in Isalo, marvelling at its incredible landforms, encountering the wildlife and adapted lemurs that thrive in this area while learning about the semi-nomadic ethnic tribes that has called this area home for centuries. 


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