Journey to the medieval magic of Gondar, dubbed the "Camelot of Africa" for its shining past - home to many kings and castles in one of the highest places in Ethiopia, nestled in the foothills of the Simien Mountains. Designated the capital during the reign of Emperor Fasilidas (1632-1667), Gondar rose to prominence with an enviable complex of castles and palaces shaping the landscape with its impressive fortifications and royal residences that does not pale to Europe's grandeur in its heyday. 

Why Gondar?


A visit to Gondar certainly evokes atmosphere of medieval Europe with its stunning castle and palace complex and spectacular church murals. A bonus, with its setting against the Simien Mountains make this an unquestionable destination to visit with a potent combination of the Simien's dramatic landscape in the Ethiopian highlands. It is no wonder why Gondar was chosen as the ancient capital of Ethiopia during the glorious medieval period. 


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