The Last Utopia

At the crossroads of East Africa and Arabia and stretching from the Great Rift Valley to the Blue Nile, Ethiopia is quite rightly an "Utopia" for many reasons - a tolerant cohabitation of Christianity and Islam, some of the most incredible geology and landscapes in the world, a fascinating culture that evokes of a world preserved in time and incredible wildlife not to mention some of the most primitive tribes in the Omo Valley. Ethiopia may still be recovering from its storied past as recent as its communist regime in the 80s but it has changed rapidly and the opportunity to discover it reaps great rewards for the trailblazers. 


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Gorgeous scenery and landscapes aside, Ethiopia is laden with historic treasures that would make perfect settings in any Tomb Raider franchise, the ultimate African tribal experience offering some of the most fascinating cultural immersion anywhere in the world as well as some of the rarest game viewing in Africa. 


The beginning of the dry season in October offers a pretty landscape of lush green after all the rain in the highlands offers perfect trekking opportunities while in the south, the cooler temperatures from Nov to early May allows for comfortable travel to destinations like the Omo Valley and the Afar region. 

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