The UNESCO World Heritage listed Maloti-Drakensberg Park centering on the Drakensberg Mountain range is the highest in South Africa at more than 3,400m above sea level and is a natural border with the landlocked kingdom of Lesotho and the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa composing of basalt rock features capping a sandstone base offering some of the most incredible biodiversity and unspoiled landscapes in all of Africa. For the intrepid traveler, this is a destination that enhances the wildlife quotient in a journey to the rainbow nation. 

Why the Drakensberg Mountains?

Wildlife Highlights

While not a destination to go to for big game viewing, the Drakensberg Mountains is home to almost 40% of all non-marine bird species in the whole of Southern Africa, with 299 recorded species such as the endangered Cape Vulture, Lesser Kestrel. The lower slopes of the mountain range have a different vegetation profile which supply the occasional white rhino, wildebeest, Chacma baboons while the higher peaks are habitats for mammals like the klipspringer, eland and mountain reedbuck. 

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