Danakil Depression

Described as "Hell on earth", the Danakil Depression certainly fits that moniker perfectly for its reputation as one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet. Located in the Afar region bordering with Eritrea, the Danakil Depression is an active volcanic area with some of the most bewildering "alien-esque" landscapes in the world of magma lava lakes, large fields of minerals and crystallized salt deposits, steaming geysers and mind-boggling faults and fissures. A journey here is not for the faint-hearted for it will take an adventure spirit to fully immerse in one of the most inhospitable destinations in the world. 

Why the Danakil Depression?


Not a destination for everyone, the Danakil Depression is an area that defies imagination for this is geology at its most incredible. A trip here involves a private mobile camp that will be set up and a journey here requires a minimum 2 vehicle convoy (with guide, chef, driver) for safety and maintenance. Helicopter tours are arranged to provide the aerial visual spectacles and hikes and treks are done to fully feel the magnitude and solitude of the Danakil Depression as well as local interaction with the Afar people, semi-nomads who have adapted to the harsh living conditions here to work in the salt-mining trade. 


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