The Damaraland region is the heart and soul of Namibia with vast, untamed landscapes, wilderness, prehistoric water courses with open plains and grassland, massive granite koppies and deep gorges. Spiritual home of the desert-adapted elephants and endangered black rhino, Damaraland's remoteness provides the magical setting for an unworldly landscape, dramatic vistas shaped and crafted by the forces of nature.  

Why Damaraland?

Wildlife Highlights

The 2 most frequent species are the rare desert-dwelling elephants and free-roaming black rhino where due to the harsh landscape, provides respite from big game predators and poaching despite the lack of water sources. these remarkable creatures have adapted their behaviour to the harsh conditions of the desert.  They eat less, drink less, and walk up to 70km per day to feed and find water. Other inhabitants of Damaraland include the frequent herds of zebra, oryx and other smaller desert-adapted wildlife. 

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