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Spanning over 154 square kilometres, the primary forests of Andasibe-Mantadia contains a dense humid forest covered with lians, moss, fern tress favored by 11 species of lemurs. Consisting of wo protected areas, the special Reserve of Indri d' Analamazaotra and the National park of Mantadia. Analamazaotra, better known as Perinet, is world famous for its population of Indri lemurs which are the largest living lemur in Madagascar. A nature lover's dream, the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park's rich biodiversity of lemurs, birds and reptile species thrills with excitement as you enjoy serendipitous encounters while exploring the forests on foot. 

Why Andasibe-Mantadia National Park?

Wildlife Highlights

Renowned as the lemur wonderland of Madagascar, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is home to 11 species of lemurs, amongst them the largest are the Indri Lemurs where there re a couple habituated groups of Indri found within easy walking distance of the park entrance and seeing this lemur is almost a sure thing for visitors willing to walk a couple of miles on the park's maintained trails. Anyone within a mile of the park is sure to hear the haunting call of the indri in the morning from day break to around noon and then again in the late afternoon. Other than lemurs, there are the predatory Fossa, Madagascar's largest carnivore, related to the mongoose and the Fanaloka, as well as the Ring-tailed Mongoose which are the nemesis for the smaller sized lemurs. 

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