"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy"

- Ernest Hemingway

Africa Nomads is not just a travel outfitter providing sojourns to Africa. We truly believe in the magic of creating inspirational life-changing journeys to build sustainable communities, economy, conservation, care for the land and people to ensure that the fascinating wildlife of Africa continues to thrive in the foreseeable future for our next generations. Conservation is a huge part of our existence and through curated responsible tourism, to contribute back and to educate the world why wildlife, cultures and nature are vital to Africa and the rest of the world. 


"The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to"

- Richard Mullin

Africa Nomads seeks to contribute actively to the conservation of endangered wildlife in Africa and the preservation of tribal cultures of native people as well as the funding for educational initiatives. Travelers on our journeys participate in our programs where a measurable percentage of the proceeds will go to trust funds for wildlife rehabilitation, local employment and building schools - saving as much animals as possible from the atrocities of poaching, breaking the poverty cycle and ensuring that tribal culture do not dilute. With our close relationships with our African partners, we will be issuing transparent reports of funds generated purely for the missions we are looking to achieve. 



Traveller Extraordinaire, Maverick, Rebel, Photographer, Web Designer, Chef. Just among the many shoes David fills these days. A wildlife conservation advocate, David's love for the African continent is insatiable. Never one to feel accomplished, he reckons that one must serve a greater purpose in life conservation, care for the community and culture preservation ranks the highest. Says it all!



A former banking professional, Mingyun gave up the financial world to follow her passion in pursuing a travel career, discovering destinations, exploring cultures and savoring the tastes and colors of the world. Mingyun is a champion for wildlife conservation, advocate for sustainable tourism and appreciates the fine things in life as much as the rustic ways of life. Her meticulous approach to designing journeys has created a legion of followers inspired by her well-balanced and designed trips. 

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